Our Service Level Agreement

Please read this SLA carefully


ServerDime strives to give you reliable, dependable and worry free service. We understand and value your trust and bring forth the following service level agreement.

On our dedicated servers, we guarantee an uptime of 99.9%. If in any given month, we fail to satisfy this, you may claim a prorated credit.


If you see a dedicated server on our site, available to purchase, then unless otherwise stated, we have it in stock and it is ready to be provisioned upon payment. Most servers are provisioned in 12 - 18 hours of ordering. We will complimentary install any Linix based operating system or attach your ISO so that you may install your preferred OS remotely.


We will ensure your dedicated server hardware continues to function flawlessly without defects or failure. Server hardware encompasses vital computer components such as but not limited to the server board, processor(s), memory, hard drives, network cards and power supplies.

We will resolve any hardware failure within 12 hours. Possible remedies to address this include:

  1. Replace the failed hardware ie faulty drives
  2. Move you to another comparable server
  3. Upgrade you or downgrade you to a different server if we do not have the server you purchased in stock
  4. Give you a prorated credit


Our dedicated servers are self managed, our clients have full root access along with KVM access to their server, enabling them to fully manage thier server.

We do not take backups of client's servers, this is the option / task of the client and we do not intervene.

While ServerDime encourages all clients to take regular backups, our service level agreement does not cover data loss or data corruption.


Power:- We guarantee 99.95% power uptime. We employ redundant power feeds backed by UPS and standby generators.

Network:- We guarantee 99.9% network uptime.

In the event that we fail to meet the given power or network uptime in any given month, you can claim SLA credit. To claim SLA credit, open a support ticket after the outage informing us that you would like SLA credit. We will issue 10% credit for each 0.1% of downtime beyond our guaranteed SLA uptime up to a maximum 50% of your mothly bill.

We make every effort to provide the best possible uptime in our means. However in the following situations, we will not be able to provide downtime credit:

  1. Attacks on our network, ie DOS, DDOS, ICMP, SYN flood attacks.
  2. Down time caused by client.
  3. Planned maintenance for which we have given at least 12 hour prior notice.
  4. Suspensions, interruptions or actions which we manually take for reasons such as non payment, abuse or violations of our Terms of Service.
  5. Force Majuere - Downtime resulting from events clearly not in our control, such as but not limited to natural disaster and strike.