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Our Story

An introduction to who we are.

Adnan Faridi is the founder and CEO of ServerDime. Our brands include HostRush and ServerDime. I started HostRush which is a web hosting company at the end of 2012. As HostRush expanded, we started offering dedicated servers from HostRush.

In Feb-2019 after being allocated our first batch of IPv4 addresses from ARIN, we focused on expanding our dedicated server offerings. During this time, we decided to separate our dedicated server brand from our web hosting brand and ServerDime was launced. As the name implies, ServerDime specializes in cheap, affordable and discounted dedicated servers. Even at our low prices, our dedicated servers are dependable and reliable.

Adnan also developed Installicious, which is a cPanel app which installs your favorite web applications with a few clicks. This was launched in Aug-2019 and we will be competing with the other auto installers on the market.

We own all of the dedicated servers which we offer along with networking equipment and most IPv4 addresses. Our servers are located in Dallas, Texas.

I have been in computing almost my entire life and the first language I learned was BASIC, in high school. In 1998, we opened a computer store in College Park, MD very close to the University of Maryland but ended up selling the place after about a year. In 1999, I joined UMUC where I double majored in CMSC (Computer Science) and CMIS (Computer Management Information Systems) until 2003. I was fascinated with the internet and got my Sun Certified Java Programmer, Internet Technologies and Programming in C++ certifications in 2001.

Chronological events of our history, milestones and how we have evolved.

HostRush was started

Adnan Faridi started parent web hosting company HostRush from his apartment in Lackawanna, NY.

Gradual, continuous growth

We continued growing slowly, gaining clients and experience.

Moved into datacenter.

We outgrew the dedicated servers we were using and moved into colo'd datacenter space.

WordPress pre-installed is here

We develop the WordPress pre-installer and start offering this in our WordPress hosting.

Dedicated Servers are here

We are now also offering dedicated servers.

We Received IP Addresses from ARIN

We were allocated our own subnet from ARIN. After being on ARIN's waitlist for quite some time, we were allocated a /21 IPv4 which is 2048 IP addresses. While IPv6 being in abundance, ISPs like us which serve a global clientelle rely on IPv4 because we have to serve clients in areas where IPv6 is not yet adopted.

ServerDime is launched.

While under the same entity, we introduce the ServerDime brand to focus on our dedicated server offerings.